Inglewood, CA

The Inglewood branch is available to service all of the Los Angeles area in conjunction with our other locations.


719 N Eucalyptus Ave #1B
Inglewood, CA 90302


The city of Inglewood, California (located in the outskirts of Los Angeles), received its moniker as the “City Of Champions” back in 1932 when three Inglewood High School alumni earned Olympic medals.  The Los Angeles Lakers and Kings sports teams continued their winning ways and brought back the championship aura to the city.

Primarily known as the gateway for the Los Angeles International Airport, Inglewood has many tourist spots such as The Great Forum (former home for the Lakers and Kings), The Hollywood Park Racetrack, Randy’s Donuts (the big donut restaurant shown in several movies) and most recently the Toyota Tundra commercial towing the Space Shuttle through the city.

Inglewood has wonderful year round weather (70 degree average) and while the rain is not as frequent as other cities, the rainy season has known to cause considerable damage to properties (due to leaks, mold, and mudslides). Many of the residents find themselves neglecting their preventative roof maintenance and not prepared for the rainy season when it approaches. Building exteriors, including siding and stucco exteriors, can also be bombarded by rain, which can lead to moisture accumulation in walls, attics, crawl spaces, or the building foundation. All this can lead to mold, water damage, and rot.

Not only can Mother Nature be a threat, but buildings that are kept tightly closed with the air conditioner running can also become an issue.  This can lead to less circulation which can trap airborne particles inside, including mold spores, and trap growths of mold within walls, the ceiling, and floor cavities, hidden from plain sight.  Mold is a common fungus that is in our environment.  Mold spores can be found in homes, businesses, new buildings, old buildings, and just about everywhere.  Mold can pose health concerns and eventually risk the structural integrity of a building.  People who already suffer from allergies can experience intensified symptoms from an indoor mold problem.  Exposure to mold can cause allergies and asthma in many people.  However, Los Angeles Mold Services offers a number of safe solutions for a wide variety of contaminants by proposing 100% guaranteed options.

Founded in 1994, near Sacramento, California, Los Angeles Mold Services has set itself apart from competitors by a steadfast of experience, training, and due diligence.  The team is professionally trained and certified, offering backgrounds and experience in home inspection, commercial building inspection, industrial hygiene, waterproofing, construction, and more. Training and development of team members is an ongoing process; this way, managing complex client circumstances and expectations is a streamlined development.

Founded on the principles of customer dedication, accurate reporting, and quality service, Los Angeles Mold Services stands above its rivals by reputation, pricing, and standards.  They have upheld the highest level of service quality and client service. Their pricing structure has always been up-front and fair, beating out all competitors through honesty.

With service professionals located across the United States, Los Angeles Mold Services offers comprehensive and professional services, and provides eco-friendly remediation alternatives, while being a long standing active member of the Indoor Environmental Association (IEA).

If you’re searching for a trusted provider of environmental testing and property inspection services, contact Los Angeles Mold Services to answer and resolve your concerns in a safe and professional manner.