About Us

Los Angeles Mold and Water Damage Services was founded upon the principle of providing information and solutions for those who are experiencing property damage or safety issues. The founders worked in the water damage restoration and mold remediation industry for years prior to establishing the company in 1992. One of the major motivations of building this company was the lacking of quality and standards in these industries.

The operations here at LA Mold and Water Damage are built upon these factors: Standards, Quality, Affordability, and Guaranteed Solutions.


The industry has established standards and protocols that are developed by government and educational institutions such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Indoor Environmental Association (IEA). What LA Mold and Water Damage has done is taken these standards as a foundation, and then added to them, taking these methods a step above. This has been done to ensure that indoor environmental concerns are fully addressed without shortcuts or loop-holes. This dedication to a higher standard protects the health of property occupants and the long-term structural soundness and value of the real estate involved.


Standards and procedures in writing is one thing, but enforcing those standards is another thing. Our organization does something that most don’t. We have a checks and balances system in place that enforces quality control at all levels of our service operations. Our quality control staff members are separate from our service operators. We also maintain a constant communication with each client to ensure that any of their questions or concerns are addressed immediately.


Our pricing is not inflated to cover extreme overhead and multiple executives. We are not a large corporation. The company has two owners and the overhead is tightly controlled. Technicians are paid by the project and not by the hour. Technicians are also not paid if the quality is a project is not to ours and your high standards.

Therefore, our pricing is the most affordable in the industry. We invite all clients to compare pricing for the equivalent service to other companies. An important note when comparing is ensuring that other companies are performing the proper services. Many companies will cut corners by not containing environments, using cheap equipment or materials, not fully removing damage or contamination, or pushing staff to leave a job and take equipment early. Our company does not cut corners. Our objective is to solve problems with your property so you have a healthy environment for you or your tenants.

Guaranteed Solutions

Our company’s standards exceed all other companies in our industry. We are here to provide complete solutions that provide you with a clean and healthy environment. Our confidence in our standards and operations is so solid that we provide a guarantee for every service we offer. This guarantee is that every service will be provided at the highest quality and that the outcome will leave you with a clean and healthy environment. This guarantee will stay with you for the long-term – 10 Years!