• Fast Response

    A water damage event such as a leak or flood can cause permanent damage to your property and its contents. Letting water damage sit can also lead to mold, which can be very harmful.

    If you have flooding, water staining, a sewer backup or similar event, call us immediately for a fast response. We will respond with a team of technicians that will quickly contain and clean-up the environment.

    Fast Response
  • One-Day Mold Removal

    Mold is a hazard to human health and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. It can invade the sinuses and lungs, causes a wide arrange of reactions and long-term deterioration of health.

    Our environmental technicians can quickly address harmful mold in your home. We guarantee 100% elimination of mold at your property.

    One-Day Mold Removal
Solutions for Mold and Water Damage Concerns for the Greater Los Angeles and San Diego Areas


If a mold or water damage problem is found or suspected, it is important that the environment be inspected and tested to confirm the presence of a concern and determine the full extent of the problem.


We will contain all contaminated areas, perform complex removal and remediation, decontaminate the air and surfaces, and put forth mold prevention measures. All mold will be removed; this is guaranteed.


We guarantee that 100% of the mold will be remediated from your home. Following remediation, you are issued a warranty that promises that all mold has been removed and that no mold will return.

After our house flooded, they came to our rescue. The field and management here are great to work with...–Jeff Williams

I own a 2-bedroom rental home and the tenants found mold. I called LA Mold Services out and they were able to clean-up all of the mold and rebuild everything new before the weekend.–Juan Rodriguez

The smell was so bad and I couldn't stand the headaches any longer. We called a few companies and got quotes, but LA Mold and Water Damage were slightly cheaper, but they were available right away so we had them come out. They took care of all of the mold and I notice the difference when I take a breath.–Shelly Harbinger

It was sad. The four other companies I called were trying to charge me over $5000 to clean up the mold we found in our kitchen. LA only charged us $2,000. It's amazing what calling around can do...–Jill Simmons